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  1. Hardeep : Hardeep is a spectacular wreck used by the Japanese during WWII as a supply ship for its troops.
  2. HTMS Khram : The HTMS Khram has become one of Pattaya's best wreck diving sites with excellent penetration opportunities and brilliant marine life.
  3. HTMS Kood : The HTMS Kood was a former US warship which was used for many years by the Thai government afterwards.
  4. Ko Chan : Ko Chan lies southeast of the busy shipping lane and is a dive site not many divers visit because of its very popular neighbour.
  5. Ko Chuang : Ko Chuang's most southern tip has a small cove with some excellent marine life.
  6. Ko Hu Chuang : Ko Hu Chang is a tiny island sitting in the middle of the Koh Phai Group only an hour west of Pattaya.
  7. Ko Khrok : Koh Khrok has a pretty wall full of anemones often dived as a strong drift dive because of its strong tidal flows.
  8. Ko Klung Badan : Ko Klung Badan is a shallow dive site known for its many shallow barrel sponges and boulders.
  9. Ko Man Witchai : Ko Man Wichai is famous for its excellent southern wall and line-up of five coral heads looking like the fingers of a human's hand.
  10. Ko Rin : Koh Rin is probably the best place near Pattaya to dive as there are many fish, excellent miniwalls and brilliant coral formations.
  11. Petchburi Bremen : The Petchburi Bremen or Kaeo Samud is Pattaya's best wreck dive but she needs a bit of planning to make it an excellent dive.
  12. Samaesan Hole : The Samaesan Hole is a dangerous, high current, trimix dive site but extremely exciting.
  13. Shark Fin Rocks : Shark Fin Rock is one of the best drift dives near Samae San along a sharkfin like coral ridge.
  14. Submarine Rock : Submarine Rock hosts groups of fish, but pay attention not to enter neighbouring Ko Khram as it is a restricted area for tourists.
  1. Hin Luk Bat : Hin Luk Bat is a popular dive site famous because of its many boulders swarmed with fish and covered in soft corals.
  2. Hin Rap South : Hin Rap South is diving among many scattered boulders and pinnacles famous because of its many juvenile inhabitants.
    1. Koh Khlum : Koh Khlum is a shallow dive paradise perfect for trainees and snorkellers.
    2. Koh Rang : Koh Rang is an excellent chain of small islands with some excellent clear and shallow hard coral reefs around its shores.
      1. Hin Kuak Maa : Hin Kuak Maa is known for its wide variety of marine fish that inhabit the area.
      2. Koh Kra : Koh KraJust northeast of Koh Rang lies Koh Kra, which is a small chain of islands famous for its huge pieces of staghorn coral.
      3. Koh Rang Pinnacle : Ko Rang Pinnacle is Ko Chang's deepest dive site famous for its wall, steep pinnacle and pelagic species.
      4. Koh Thian West : Koh Thian West is a small island northwest of Koh Rang with still some excellent opportunities for close-up pictures of marine life.
      5. Koh Yak : Koh Yak is a small island northeast of Koh Rang famous by snorkellers and muck divers.
    3. Koh Wai : Koh Wai is a nice remote island with beaches a bit less white than neighbouring islands and its shores are not fully explored by divers yet.
    4. Thonburi Wreck : The Thai warship named Thonburi sank during a French colonial attack in 1941.
      1. Chumphon Pinnacle : Chumphon Pinnacle is a huge pinnacle dive site being one of the most northerly located dive sites reachable from Ko Tao.
      2. Koh Pha-Ngan :
        1. Koh Ma, Mae Haad :
        2. Rock Point :
      3. Koh Samui : Ko Samui is known as a backpacker paradise where many tourists undergo their first steps into the world of diving.
        1. Ao Chaweng : Ao Chaweng or Chaweng Beach is the most popular shore dive off Ko Samui with some nice aquatic reef fish.
        2. Five Islands : Five Islands offers simple diving but is known for the bird nests that are created high up on the steep cliffs.
      4. Koh Tao : Koh Tao is a backpacker's paradise with some of best scuba diving in the Gulf of Thailand.
        1. Hin Wong Pinnacle : Hin Wong Pinnacle is one twenty meter large coral head named after its many purple coloured soft corals.
        2. Japanese Gardens : Japanese Gardens has become famous for its coral gardens of plate coral.
        3. Laem Thian : Laem Thian Pinnacle on the most eastern point of Koh Tao is a fantastic wall dive ending along the bays shallow reef.
        4. Mango Bay : Mango Bay is like a family's day out with advanced diving, trainings, snorkelling and swimming.
        5. Nang Yuan Pinnacle : Nang Yuan Pinnacle or Hin Deang is a nice large pinnacle often dived by spiralling up and enjoying all its life.
        6. Shark Island or Red Rock : Shark Island or Red Rock has excellent colourful soft coral formations, large groups of fish and chances of meeting different species of sharks.
        7. Twins or Aow Sam : Twins is an excellent and colourful dive site around two large pinnacles.
        8. White Rock or Hin Khao : White Rock or Hin Khao is a popular night dive where barracuda's have learned that our torches illuminate fish which makes easy preys.
      5. Sail Rock : Sail Rock is one large pinnacle that features a spacious chimney of more than ten meters high.
      6. Southwest Pinnacle : Southwest Pinnacle consists out of a sequence of rocks that can be visited drift diving and from one to another and sheltering behind them to take a quick look.
      1. Hin Rap : West of Ko Chi lies the spectacular dive Hin Rap.
      2. Ko Bon : Ko Bon is a small limestone island famous as it earned the status of best manta ray view point in Thailand.
        1. Ko Bon Bay : A brilliant boulder night dive can be done inside a shallow bay where live aboard tours spent the night.
        2. Ko Bon Pinnacle : Ko Bon Pinnacle is a huge pinnacle that drops to depth exceeding forty meters deep encircled in pelagic species.
        3. Ko Bon Western Ridge : There is a line of divers waiting along the western ridge and wall for spotting mantas.
      3. Ko Chi : Ko Chi is popular because of the many species of turtles that are seen here including leatherback, green and hawksbill.
      4. Ko Tachai : Koh Tachai is a very small island known for diving at Twin Peaks or the Plateau.
        1. Dome or Ko Tachai Plateau : The Dome of Ko Tachai Plateau is diving at huge boulders, excellent marine life and great coral growth.
        2. Twin Peaks : Twin Peaks is one of the best diving sites known in Thailand and all over the world.
      5. Ko Torinla : Ko Torinla's northeast side offers an excellent healthy sloping hard coral reef with many different marine species.
      6. Richelieu Rock : Richelieu Rock is known all over the world as one of the best dives where you will meet and can swim with whale sharks.
      7. Turtle Ledges : Turtle Ledge is a long time favourite for spotting turtles and other colourful marine life.
      1. Anita's Reef : Anita's Reef is an easy and relaxing dive site known for its many common reef fish and overwhelming amount of colors.
      2. Batfish Bend : Batfish Bend is a dive site which is patrolled by a group of more than fifty longfin batfish.
      3. Beacon Beach or Beacon Reef : Beacon Reef or Beacon Beach is the only wreck dive in the Similans as of August 2002 when live aboard the Atlantis 2000 sank here.
      4. Beacon Point : Beacon Point is known for its huge boulders dotted on a white sandy ocean floor creating swimthroughs, arches and caverns.
      5. Boulder City : Boulder City is a large dive site where you dive at huge rocks, pinnacles and coral heads.
      6. Breakfast Bend : Breakfast Bend received its name from the bright sunrays that literally light up this dive site in the early morning.
      7. Christmas Point : Christmas Point is a maze of swimthroughs, arches and rocky terrain surrounded with fish and covered in the best colours.
      8. Deep Six : Deep Six is a ridge featuring a huge boulder surrounded with smaller rocks creating excellent swimmthroughs.
      9. Donald Duck Bay : Donald Duck Bay is a gem for snorkellers named after a rock that resembles the cartoon character.
      10. East Of Eden : East of Eden has one of the largest single coral bommies with a size of more than ten meters high.
      11. Eastern Shallows : Eastern Shallows is the most southern dive site in the Similans, just of Ko Huyong.
      12. Elephant's Head Rock : Elephants Head or Hin Pusar is a submerged boulder just reaching the surface just south of Ko Similan.
      13. Fantasea Reef : At Fantasy Reef you can see many hugged boulders separated by valleys full of coral and marine life.
      14. Hideaway Bay or Barracuda Point : Hideaway Bay is a great wall dive and an excellent example about what diving in the Similans is like.
      15. Honeymoon bay : Honeymoon bay
      16. North Point : North Point is the most northern dive site in the Similan Islands guaranteed for some wicked boulder dive.
      17. Rocky Point : Rocky Points, one of the southern most dive sites in the Similans, is a ridge formed out of rock formations swarmed with fish life.
      18. Shark Fin Reef : Shark Fin Reef is an amazing dive spotting many reef and leopard sharks while drift diving along a narrow ridge.
      19. Snapper Alley : Snapper Alley is an area with many boulders famous for the many snappers that hover around.
      20. Stonehenge : Stonehenge has become famous because of its boulder formations resembling the famous stones in England.
      1. Anemone Reef : Anemone Reef is one of the most colourful dive sites near Phuket filled with anemones.
      2. Coral Island Ko Hi : Coral island is because of its proximity from Phuket and being sheltered from the monsoon a dive site that can be dived all year long.
      3. Hin Bida Nok : Hin Bida Nok is Koh Phi Phi's excellent substitute of the famous dive site Shark Point between Phuket and Phi Phi.
      4. King Cruiser : The King Cruiser was a Japanese car ferry which sank en route to Koh Phi Phi when it struck anemone reef.
      5. Ko Bida Nai : Ko Bida Nai is a small island with steep underwater walls, pinnacles and sloping reefs.
      6. Ko Bida Nok : Ko Bida Nok is one of Phi Phi's top diving locations with excellent and impressive underwater territory.
      7. Ko Doc Mai : Ko Doc Mai is a spectacular steep wall famous for its muck diving and creatures such as seahorse and ghost pipefish.
      8. Ko Ha : Ko Ha has a spectacular system of caves of which one can be surfaced ending up at a thirty meter high cathedral right inside the island.
      9. Ko Phi Phi Don : Ko Phi Phi Don is a backpacker's paradise with white beaches, party atmosphere and excellent diving.
        1. Ao Nui or Nui Bay : Nui Bay or Ao Nui is a typical and quiet reef dive that features a small wall.
        2. Hin Dot or Chimney Rocks : Hin Dot has a beautiful large pinnacle perfect for spiralling up a few times until you reach the surface again.
        3. Hin Pae or Long Beach : Hin Pae is one of Phi Phi's local dives famous because of the many blacktip reef sharks spotted by snorkellers.
      10. Ko Phi Phi Lae : Ko Phi Phi Lae is the southern smaller uninhabited and rougher looking gem of a collection of four islands named the Phi Phi islands.
        1. Ao Losama : Losamah Bay has a tall pinnacle right inside the bay offering an excellent wall dive around its base.
        2. Garang Heng : Garang Heng is becoming a shark dive alternative compared with Shark Point to the east.
        3. Maya Cave : Maya Bay or Ao Maya offers ample fish and coral growth but has become famous by its steep cliffs in the movie the beach with Leonardi di Caprio.
        4. Palong Wall : Palong Wall is a nice reef dive site with some boulders and swimthroughs but reef fish are its main attraction.
        5. Palong, Turtle Town : Diving at dive site Palong also known as Turtle Town.
      11. Ko Racha Yai : Koh Racha Yai or Big King Island is listed as Phuket's top diving destination suitable for diving year around.
        1. Boulder City : Visit Boulder City is you would like to visit excellent swimthroughs, caverns and holes searching for hiding marine life.
        2. Bungalow Bay : Bungalow Bay offers two mini walls on both sites that gradually disappear into its center.
        3. Home Run : A small powerboat wreck at dive site Homerun creates an excellent artificial reef with a wide variety of fish and other life.
        4. Lucy's Reef : Lucy's Reef is a famous drift dive located at the southern tip of Koh Racha Yai.
        5. Marla's Mystery : Marla's Mystery is a beautiful wreck dive once sunk here on purpose to stimulate growth of the underwater world.
        6. Purple Garden : Purple Garden is a strong current drift dive along rock and coral formation often coloured purple.
        7. Siam Bay Statues : The Thai government decided to please tourists and added some real size statues in the north of Siam Bay.
        8. Staghorn Reef : Staghorn Reef is a quiet drift dive along walls of stag horn coral and groups of juvenile barracuda's.
        9. Waterfall Wall : Waterfall Wall is often dived drifting together with its predators such as tuna, mackerel and barracuda.
      12. Ko Racho Noi : Koh Racha Noi are nicknamed the mini Similans for its huge granite boulders, large predators and spectacular underwater landscape.
        1. Banana Bay : Banana Bay is a very popular dive destination for student divers learning how to dive.
        2. Beach : Ko Racha Noi's Beach, just north of South Tip, is a common and relaxing dive site.
        3. Kanpela Point : West of Koh Racha Noi lays Kanpela Point which is often used as a relaxing afternoon dive.
        4. Manta Bay : Manta Bay is a quiet western bay of Koh Racha Noi where manta's occasionally come to feed.
        5. North Tip : Diving at North Tip, Koh Racha Noi, is famous for manta rays, strong currents and bullethead parrotfish.
        6. South Tip (Ray Bahn) : South Tip is an extremely high current dive site famous for its pelagic action, pinnacle landscape and manta rays.
      13. Ko See : Ko See is with its shallow coral platform one of the best snorkeling spots in Phang-Nga Bay.
      14. Ko Yawabon : Ko Yawabon has a fifty meter long swimthrough which goes literally through the island.
      15. Ko Yung : Ko Yung is the narrow northerly island of Phi Phi with a spectacular pinnacle in the north and some reef diving in the south.
        1. Ko Yung Pinnacle : Ko Yung Pinnacle is a huge remote pinnacle covered in excellent purple and pink anemones, sea whips and whip coral.
        2. Ko Yung South : The south of Ko Yung offers some quiet reef diving with many of the normal reef inhabitants.
      16. Koh Talu :
      17. Koh Yawasam : Ko Yawasam has become a famous Krabi and Ao Nang snorkeling location where divers will have a great time as well.
      18. Rocks : The Rocks is a nice, quiet and high current dive site great for spotting pelagic species and sharks.
      19. Shark Point : Sharkpoint is one of the top dives near Phuket and is known for its incredible and numerous marine life.
      20. West Coast Phuket : The west coast of Phuket offers enough possibilities for diving although they are less spectacular and better suitable for trainees and snorkellers.
      1. Boonsung Wreck : Boonsung Wreck is the only known dive site that can be easily reached within a single day dive.
      2. Khao Na Yak : Khao Na Yak
      3. Premchai Wreck : Premchai Wreck
      1. Emerald Cave or Tham Morakot : Koh Muk's Emerald Cave is home to a lagoon with white sand only reachable for divers and swimmers during low tide.
      2. Hin Daeng or Red Rock : Hin Daeng is a steep pinnacle mainly covered in red anemones and rated as one of the worlds best dive sites.
      3. Hin Muang or Purple Rock : Purple Rock is also called Hin Muang in Thai named after its enormous amounts of purple soft coral that lives on the steep pinnacle.
      4. Ko Ha Yai : Ko Ha Yai is a cave playing ground with huge openings, unearthly views of light and stalactites visible when surfaced inside.
      5. Ko Rok : Ko Rok is famous for its huge lizards and squirrel like mammal which is called rok in Thai, giving the islands its name.
        1. Ko Rok Nai : Ko Rok Nai is the island closer to shore with some excellent snorkelling in its shallow channel separating the two islands.
        2. Ko Rok Nok : Ko Rock Nok has a great western drift dive and a fisherman's shrine worth exploring when the weather is bad.
      6. Ko Tarutao : Koh Tarutao offers a former political prison, some excellent caves and high speed dive sites.
      7. Koh Lipe : The Adang-Rawi Archipelago consists out of several island of the Tarutao National Marine Park including Koh Adang, Rawi Island and Lipe Island.
        1. Koh Sawang's East End : Koh Sawang is one of the most remote islands reachable in the Adang-Rawi archipelago resulting in excellent marine life.
        1. Chumphon : Chumphon province is with its rice fields, seafood and fruit a gem for delicious candle light beach dining.
          1. Ko Lak Ngam : Koh Lak Ngam is probably the best diving destination near Chumphon National Park.
          2. Ko Ngam Yai : The east side of Koh Ngam Yai or East Cliff Rocks, known for its birds nests, offers excellent diving.
        2. Vertical Wreck : The Vertical Wreck, Koho Maru-5 or PAK 1 used to be sitting vertical because of huge gas tanks at one side of the wreck keeping it floating.