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Koh Muk's Emerald Cave is home to a lagoon with white sand only reachable for divers and swimmers during low tide.

Name Dive Site:Emerald Cave or Tham Morakot
Depth: 2-15m (6-49ft)
Visibility: 5-20m (16-65ft)
Accessibility: Boat
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Koh Mook, Koh Muk or Mook Island southeast of Ko Lanta offers one of the few well known inshore dive site of Trang province. It can be reached by boat from Pak Meng Pier in Amphoe Sikao and lies opposite mainland Hat Chang Lang. She is a steep island with high and majestic cliffs, impeccable beaches, wonderful nature and lots of tourist activities such as camping, swimming and boating. Most islands close to shore have very bad visibilities because of muddy rivers entering the ocean, but around Ko Muk it is actually pretty good.

West of Ko Muk is a dive site named Tham Morakot or Emerald Cave which is well worth exploring on a dive trip from Ko Lanta or Trang. The entrance to the Emerald Cave is somewhat hidden at the island's western side. It is located after a limestone hole which disappears beneath the surface during high tide. From there rowing boats and swimmers wearing life jackets cross an eighty meter long tunnel before entering a phenomenal lagoon. This pool of crystal clear water is surrounded by a white beach and steep in green covered hills. Note that this direction is the only way in and out. Pay attention to your guide and the tides or you might get stuck for the night on this paradise. Divers obviously dive through the tunnel at high tide. Midway the ocean and lagoon is a small passageway that brings you to a small cavern with an air bubble inside worth exploring.

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