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Koh Lak Ngam is probably the best diving destination near Chumphon National Park.

Name Dive Site:Ko Lak Ngam
Depth: 5-25m (16-82ft)
Visibility: 5-15m (16-49ft)
Accessibility: Boat
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Just east of Chumphon's river entrance and Ko Samet waits a brilliant pinnacle dive site named Koh Lak Ngam after its similar named island. It is one of the forty islands that make up Chumphon National Park and probably the best place to go in the region for diving. The islands shelve descents to twenty five meters on its south side and to fifteen meters in the north. Its main features are two large pinnacles which both rise to approximately five meter above the surface. They can both be dived on a single forty minutes long dive, visiting many interesting smaller coral heads, boulders and crevices in between.

Although visibility is often less than fifteen meters, its marine life is excellent and you will see turtles, banded sea snakes, trevally, bat fish and more of the usual tropical fish. Whale sharks regularly visit these islands in early April and giant clams and huge anemones are prove of quite healthy waters. Pay attention to all the fishing nets as you can easily be entangled in them. A very nice dive site, but the Thai government should protect its National Parks better for us and future generations.

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