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The HTMS Kood was a former US warship which was used for many years by the Thai government afterwards.

Name Dive Site:HTMS Kood, HTMS Kut or USS Exno
Depth: 12-32m (39-104ft)
Visibility: 5-10m (16-32ft)
Accessibility: Boat
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The HTMS Kood or HTMS Kut used to be a United States World War II landing ship named USS Exno of type LSM 333. Other than its sister ship the HTMS Khram she was a 56 meter long and ten meter wide wreck originally constructed in Chicago. In 1962, she was donated to the Thai government who used her until the beginning of the twenty first century. On September 17, 2006 she was scuttled by the Thai navy as a present for the King of Thailand being sixty year at the throne. Volunteers removed oil, armaments and other potential hazard for divers and sank it just north of Koh Sak.

She is a relatively young wreck which has so far not resulted in an enormous amount of marine life and coral growth. The upright wreck houses some excellent locations for entering the wreck. On the way back to the surface you can make a safety stop near its conning tower. She is the shallowest part of the wreck and sticks out to twelve meter below the surface. It is a very nice dive site if you like history and intact shipwrecks.

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Name: martin_savage

There's not much in the way of coral growth but the Kood is swarming with fish.

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