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Ko Rock Nok has a great western drift dive and a fisherman's shrine worth exploring when the weather is bad.

Name Dive Site:Ko Rok Nok
Depth: 2-25m (6-82ft)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Ko Rok Nok or Outer Rock is similar to its sister island Ko Rok Nai also with excellent beaches. One beach named Ao Sarn Chao or Spirit House Beach makes a perfect short excursion if the weather is too bad to dive. It is a small shrine or spirit house built by local fishermen for protection.

The coral along its shores resembles a long but narrow coral garden. Best spot is probably directly west of the channel. It is a location known for its brilliant muck diving where many different species can be found inside its cracks and holes. A drift dive along its western reef is very popular where many divers are lucky enough to see many reef sharks.

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