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The Petchburi Bremen or Kaeo Samud is Pattaya's best wreck dive but she needs a bit of planning to make it an excellent dive.

Name Dive Site:Petchburi Bremen
Depth: 15-25m (49-82ft)
Visibility: 5-15m (16-49ft)
Accessibility: Boat
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The Petchburi Bremen is a great freighter delivered in August 1914 to a company named North German Lloyd stationed in Bremen. Just before World War I, she was interned in Bangkok when the Thai army confiscated the vessel and renamed her to Kaeo Samud. In the mid 1930s she ran ashore Koh Sichang with a cargo full of rice while en route from Bangkok to Swatow. The steam engine room caught fire resulting in a huge explosion which finally sank the ship at her current location. The scars you see at the wreck are not only because of the explosion but even more because of bombing practises by the Thai navy. It is one of the most interesting wreck dives near Pattaya, located in between Ko Khram Yai and Sattahip in the middle of Chong Khram Channel.

Nowadays this 110 meter long vessel is split in three parts. The upright front and stern are still relatively intact but its central section is nothing more than twisted steel wires and loads of unrecognizable metal. We do not advise to enter the wreck as it is too dangerous with all these loose obstacles. Other highlights are the captain's private quarter complete with bathtub, lavatory and ceramics.

Currents are often strong and visibility can be less than a few meters so be sure to plan this dive well. Marine life is excellent near the wreck as is its coral growth. A shy and huge resident grouper makes an excellent object for some brilliant close-up photographs. There are often large eagle rays patrolling around the sunken hull. Soft corals have started growing on top of this eroding structure and sea whips grow on its sides and decks. A great dive site if you are one of the lucky divers who gets here in the perfect conditions.

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